INAM Philippines Receives Solar Lanterns from the Panasonic 100 Thousand Lantern Project

UPDATE: Last February 2016, more than 2,300 solar lanterns were once again donated to 15 organizations, with INAM Philippines as one of recipients for the second time.


“Our donation to Integrative Medicine for Alternative Healthcare Systems (INAM) Philippines, Inc. represented by Maria Cristina Carganilla – Paruñgao – Executive Director, came about through passionate recommendation by Asian Health Institute, a non-government organization in Japan and partner of INAM Philippines. Just as we’d heard, INAM is a dedicated NGO and they are putting solar lanterns to good use.” From the Panasonic 100 Thousand Lantern Project

In 2012 Panasonic launched its 100 Thousand Lantern Project, a goal which aims to provide 100,00 solar lanterns to off-grid communities all over the world by 2018, the same year when the company celebrates its 100th year.

When typhoon Yolanda hit the Philippines last 2013, Panasonic donated 1,000 to the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), as part of the company’s disaster relief efforts. Encouraged by the positive feedback the company received, and in line with 100 Thousand Lantern Project’s aims, Panasonic is currently creating partnerships with non-profit, non-governmental and international organizations operating in Southeast Asia, South Asia, and Sub-Saharan Africa to provide “light from electricity generated with renewable energy, we aim to help address social challenges in areas such as education, health, and the empowerment of women, and to generate positive change in the lives of the people”. INAM Philippines is one of the 18 organizations in the Philippines selected to receive solar lanterns from Panasonic.


Donation ceremony in Metro Manila, attended by INAM Philippines’ Executive Director, Cris Parungao.

In 2015, Panasonic employees from the Philippines delivered solar lanterns to indigenous people living in Magata village, an off-grid village in the municipality of Tanay, Rizal, just 50km east of the the country’s capital. The solar lanterns distributed to the families had handmade shades–special designs from all over the world–as part of Project Cut Out the Darkness. Magata village is supported in the area of health by INAM Philippines.


A family gathers around one of the solar lanterns donated by Panasonic Philippines employees. The message on the handmade shade reads, “Malayo man kami, naaalala namin kayo. (Though far away, we have you in our thoughts.)”

Watch a video of the visit and giving the “gift of light”.

Solar lanterns were also provided for community health clinics, and for community health workers who made home visits. The solar lanterns provide much needed light in this community with no electricity. The photo gallery can be viewed here.


Solar lanterns donated by Panasonic Philippines can now be used by community health workers when they do their home visits which last until the evening. In this photo, is a volunteer community health worker trained by INAM Philippines.


Employees from the Panasonic factory in the Philippines, together with INAM Executive Director, Cris Parungao, visit Magata Village in Tanay, Rizal.


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