Board of Trustees and Executive Committee


The Board of Trustees (BOT) is the highest decision making body of INAM Philippines. Members of the Board of Trustees are chosen from among various fields of endeavor and are chosen by and among their peers in the professional field and varied sectors of the Philippine society. This is to ensure that the alternative health care system using Philippine Integrative Medicine will carry the interests of the varied sectors it espouses to serve. The terms and number of membership in the Board will follow the articles of incorporation submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

INAM’s Board of Trustees are the following:

Ruben N. Caragay, MD, MPH, PhD

Sr. Dulce Corazon Velasco, MD, MMS, MPH
Vice President

Isidro Sia, MD

Edilberto Concepcion, MD

Sr. Rosario Battung, RGS

Asterlyn Sur, RN


The Executive Committee (EC) oversees and monitors the implementation of INAM’s programs, under the direct supervision of the Board of Trustees. This is headed by the Executive Director with the Administrative Officer and the Department Heads as its members.

INAM’s Executive Committee members are the following:

Maria Cristina C. Paruñgao, RMT, MBAH
Executive Director

Jennifer S. Madamba, MD
Department Head
Advocacy/Networking, Research and Training Department

Anicia O. Sollestre
Department Head
Integrated Health Service Department

Teudelinda G. Paduada
Administrative Officer