Vision, Mission, Goals and Strategic Direction


We envision a free and empowered Philippine society where justice prevails, where people nurture life to the fullest, and where harmony among peoples and with all of creation is promoted, protected and enhanced.


We commit ourselves to actively participate in the development, enhancement and propagation of the Philippine Integrative Medicine responsive to the people’s needs, primarily the vulnerable and marginalized sectors, as our contribution toward the evolution of Alternative Health Care Systems (AHCS).


  • Development and enhancement of PIM based on science and culture, hand in hand with communities.
  • Propagation of PIM especially among critical groups/ sectors in primary health care promotion towards mainstreaming.
  • Active contribution to the evolution of AHCS through PIM advocacy among networks, linkages, institutions towards policy development and social change.
  • Development of systems, mechanisms and organizational capability building for the sustainability of INAM’s programs and services.


I.   Sustainability of PIM Consciousness

  • PIM consciousness shall be sustained through staff development sessions for INAM staff to further deepen their understanding of PIM and its relationship to health and ecology.
  • This shall be realized through PIM trainings to the different communities towards establishment of Community Health Programs using the PIM approach and/or framework.

II.  Sustainability of Collective Leadership, Programs, Services and Organization

  • Accountability and responsibility of all INAM staff as well as the community leaders are highlighted in this direction. This shall eventually assure the organization’s second line leadership as the staff is prepared to take on greater roles and challenges.
  • Sustainability of programs and services shall also mean sustainability of the whole organization and ensuring the well-being of all INAM staff.
  • Sustainability in the communities means the development and continued provision of appropriate services based on the needs of the communities, including trainings on Community Health Care.

III.  Sustainability of the Community of Life

  • Embracing the PIM consciousness to our individual life, families and reflecting it on the different services based on the needs of the community and taking into consideration the “care and continuous nurturing” for our Mother Earth shall mean sustaining our community of life.
  • INAM’s broad strokes are related to one another with the process of “integration” taking place when all aspects are fully realized and implemented effectively and efficiently.