Jan 27

INAM’s Schedule of T.C.M. Acupuncture Trainings for 2015

final-2015-tcm-trainingFor those who are interested in learning Traditional Chinese Medicine (T.C.M.) Acupuncture for personal knowledge or for professional practice in a healthcare setting, INAM is now accepting reservations for both Introductory and Modular courses.

Contact Theody Paduada or Lito Halili at the INAM office (Tuesdays thru Saturdays, 9am – 5pm) at 9263356

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Dec 19

2015 T.C.M. Acupuncture Trainings

Watch out for the complete schedule of INAM Philippines’ TCM Acupuncture Trainings, from the Introductory courses to the Modular courses for health and non-health professionals.

In the meantime, check out the schedule of the Introduction to T.C.M. Acupuncture for Pain Management which starts first week of January 2015.

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Jun 24

On its 30th year, INAM Philippines launches training courses for the poor, vulnerable sectors


Appeal_INAM_Training Rene_June 19 2014_REVISED_high resolution_page 1

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Jun 21

Haiyan Recovery Update: Healers on a Mission

Rene Navarro, INAM consultant and visiting professor, shares his experience after visiting Tacloban last February, together with a team of INAM staff/acupuncturists and a yoga teacher/raw food chef and volunteer. This article appeared on Positively Filipino last March 4, 2014.

Rene leading a group in Qigong in Victory Island. (Photo courtesy of Rene J. Navarro)

Rene leading a group in Qigong in Victory Island. (Photo courtesy of Rene J. Navarro)


The geographic trajectory of my recent journey to Leyte and Samar in Central Philippines is easy to follow: a flight on Sunday February 2 from Manila took us south to Tacloban City, Leyte, one of the most devastated areas in the country. From the Tacloban airport, we took a rental van to Guiuan, a town in Eastern Samar.

It was a three-hour journey through beautiful but desolate landscape, the sea and islands to the right, mountains to the left, and coconut trees that had lost their fruits and leaves dotting the scene. The last hour of the trip at sunset was over cratered roads, a white-knuckle route made scarier by a race-car wannabe for a driver, tricycles (motorbikes with a sidecar, which are called tuktuk in Thailand and cyclo in Vietnam), and chickens, dogs and people crossing our path in the darkness.

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Jun 21

INAM Philippines bringing alternative healing to Yolanda victims

Early in February, a team of six healers from INAM visited Guiuan in Samar and Tacloban in Leyte to bring healing to the people hardest hit by one of the world’s strongest typhoon, Yolanda (Haiyan).

First stop was at Guiuan where Rene Navarro, world-renowned teacher of Traditional Yang Tai Chi Chuan, Qigong, Meditation, and Chi Nei Tsang, among others, guided barangay health workers (BHW) on INAM Dao Ren Terapi for psychosocial healing.

The INAM Dao Ren Terapi includes six healing modalities that the BHWs can easily learn and share to their communities. Among the healing modalities are:

(1) Jing Well exercise (Wirik-Wirik in Waray) used to awaken the jing well points at the tip of the fingers. This aids flow of the blood and also helps the practitioner to ‘let go’.

INAM Dao Ren Terapi

Jing Well exercise

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May 20

INAM holds Modular Trainings for Other Health and Non-health Professionals


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May 06

2014 Schedule for TCM Acupuncture Trainings


INAM Philippines announces its schedule of Introductory and Modular courses on TCM Acupuncture. Individual course details can be viewed by clicking on each course title.

P500 reservation fee for all courses.


TCM Acupuncture for Pain Management

TCM Acupuncture for Common Community Diseases

Introduction to Ear Acupuncture


For Health Professionals

TCM Pattern Differentiation for Common Community Diseases and Pain Conditions

Module 3

Module 4

Module 5



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Oct 03

INAM Philippines secures MDRT Grant

Alice M. Parlan, of Makati City, Philippines, secured a $ 1,000 grant from the MDRT Foundation on behalf of Integrative Medicine for Alternative Healthcare Systems (INAM) Philippines. Ms. Parlan, a two-year MDRT member, is an active supporter of INAM and nominated and endorsed the grant application. INAM is a non-profit organization actively participating in the development, enhancement and propagation of Philippine Integrative Medicine responsive to the peoples’ needs. The MDRT Foundation grant will support the Integrated Health Service program of the organization.

Representing the MDRT Foundation, Ms. Alice Parlan presented the grant to INAM on the organization’s 27th year Anniversary last September 8, 2011. Receiving the grant are Sr. Dulce Corazon Velasco (INAM Board of Trustees Vice President), Ma. Cristina C. Parungao (INAM Executive Director) and Anicia O. Sollestre (Department Head, Integrated Health Service Department).

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Jun 16

What is Philippine Integrative Medicine?


INAM’s concept of Philippine Integrative Medicine (PIM) is that it is an awareness, a consciousness of viewing health as a state of total well-being resulting from the interplay of socio-economic, political and spiritual aspects of life. Basic to this consciousness is the understanding that health is a fundamental human right and responsibility of the individual and, collectively, of the community.

The relationship among those who uphold this consciousness is characterized by partnership, of one among equals, being interdependent and mutually transformative of each other. The practice of PIM is expressed with the values of respect, equality, participation, responsibility, interdependence, solidarity, mutuality and openness.

This PIM consciousness adheres to the integration of different systems of medicine based on empirical and scientific knowledge, rooted in the culture of the people. Such an integrated system addresses the health problems in the community through promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative services, which are accessible, affordable, available, effective and acceptable to the people.

PIM, as an evolving consciousness, emphasizes the direct, responsible and sustained participation of people in the development of their alternative health care systems, an indicator of the fulfillment of their aspiration for self-determination.

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